Clan Summary

Clans in the Mizari Islands have been a part of life. Heritage meant everything to the Gnomes that lived there thousands of years ago. It was a way of remembering those who came before you, and preserving history. Without a historical background from a clan then a person on the Mizari Islands has nothing. Many different Yokai have made clans, and share their various backgrounds, but it is the Humans who integrated Gnomes into their society as well as had leadership from the Zouo clan in the Great Yokai Wars took clans to a whole new spectrum of seriousness.

It is thought that the first human clan on the Mizari Islands originated around the year 100. Not many people remember that clan, and its name has long been forgotten. The first clan that has been remembered was the Shokugawa clan. Unfortunately the Shokugawa clan was destroyed after the Shokugawa Wars between the humans. While it was destroyed it was not forgotten. The Shokugawa Clan had made a successor clan named the Hidari clan. The two clans that were parents of this clan were the Shokugawa, and the Mizu. The father who became head of the household was originally named Mizu Mardara who was later named Hidari Mardara. His wife was originally Shokugawa Aki, later renamed Hidari Aki.

There are many great clans of current day, but let us not forget of the hundreds of clans that are mere peasant families. Many speculate it will be the farmers of the past that will rise up and become the kings of tomorrow.

More samurai banner by mchenry Also known as Mon these are some banners of the various clans of the Mizari Islands.

Clan Summary

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