The Hara clan is mostly known as a group of rebellious peasants. Their current lands are within the southernmost part of Zobutara just South of the Hidari clan area. The current Hara clan leader is Hara Nobaru. Nobaru has made several poor choices in his rule. One was to go against his father’s original wishes and declare that he wished to be the new Shogun. The second was to wage war with the Hidari clan to the North.

Currently the Hara clan is holding their own against the Hidari clan, but many speculate that it is only due to the fact that they often times out number the Hidari clan. This is because instead of using Samurai the Hara clan often uses Ashigaru (peasant warriors, or militia). While the Ashigaru can hold their own against the Samurai so long as they outnumber the Samurai at least two to one it takes quite a substantial effort in keeping them from fleeing in fear of the superior strength of the men before them.

The future is looking quite bleak for the Hara clan, but Nobaru is holding out hope that he can gain support from the Yami clan in battling the Hidari even though the Yami also detest Nabaru for wishing to become Shogun though he is barely a daimyo.

Paddies by alexjh Often times Nabaru is criticized for using peasants as warriors by other daimyo, but so far he has been successful in holding out against the Hidari clan.


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