Hidari Wars

The Hidari Wars began roughly forty years ago. They started two years after the Shogun Hidari Nabuhide failed to name a successor. His oldest son, Hidari Ieyasu, was named Shogun as a result. Unfortunately Ieyasu’s two brothers Shingen, and Hanzo both believed that they were more suited to reign as Shogun. After a few years of unrest over the situation many other clan leaders began to speak out believing they would be much better suited as the Shogun than any of the three brothers. Before long conflict erupted sending the Mizari Islands into a chaotic civil war with many factions.

Things have changed in the conflict since then. Ieyasu was assassinated twenty years ago leaving his young son and heir, Hidari Nagato, in charge as Diamyo of the Hidari clan. Unfortunately for Nagato he is the first head of the Hidari clan that was not named Shogun. Hidari Shingen renamed himself Okami Shingen, and Hidari Hanzo renamed himself Yami Hanzo. Recently Okami Shingen died of natural causes within the last few years leaving his heir, Okami Kabuto, as the Okami Daimyo. The third brother Yami Hanzo died in battle ten years ago. Unfortunately for Hanzo he did not have a male heir to his position, but he didn’t fail to name a successor. Hanzo’s successor was his very young daughter, Yami Hinata. Though much opposition was posed to having a female Daimyo she allowed the family adviser to take over until she was of age to lead her clan. Luckily for Hinata the adviser was loyal and allowed her to rule the clan when she became of age to rule it.

There have been many great Daimyos that were not mentioned yet. This is due to them not being of royalty or great relevance to the start of the Hidari Wars. I have yet to write the remainder of this page, but know that more is coming soon!

Azukizaka 1564
Massive battles send the Isles into chaos, but a Shogun must be named before these wars are to stop.

Hidari Wars

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