Thousands of beings from various races enjoy peace, and prosperity. Every now and then a brawl would break out, but for the most part this was one of the greatest places to live. Gnomes made various findings with magic, and it seemed that the problems revolving around the death lord in the human lands was a million miles away. Then massive ships were spotted off of the Northern coast of Shoshikaru Island. They were riding the southern flowing currents to flee from the Northern human lands. They made land fall on the coast, and to the various beings that saw the humans do this they decided that maybe if they ignore the humans then everyone could live in peace. There was only around one thousand humans at first, but more and more made land fall. Eventually they spread throughout the rest of Shoshikaru island.

The various beings of the realm decided to make contact with the humans believing the humans would be relatively accepting. These peaceful meetings with the humans only proved to bring out their xenophobic nature. The humans branded everyone who was non-human “Yokai” which was one of the first words of the Mizari language that the humans were just beginning to make. In their language “Yokai” means weird spirit. The humans of the land didn’t believe the creatures they were seeing were actual living creatures, but instead strange spirits that had been transformed by the death lord, and then stationed on these islands.

Finally at around -10 the humans stopped landing ashore on Shoshikaru, but they continued to spread, and grow in number. Unlike many of the other races humans had a much faster reproduction cycle. Eventually Shoshikaru’s human population was vast. On the year 10 the humans inquired the other races on anything they knew about anywhere else that was safe from the death lord (not knowing that the death lord had been dead for about a decade now), and the Yokai gave them the answer of islands to the south of Shoshikaru. Humans made crude boats that they dubbed “Bunes” and sailed across the seas once more. Several weeks later they landed on Zobutara. Their spread only continued until finally in the year 50 they had spread to every major island in the Mizari Isles.

Human, and Yokai relationships began to deteriorate with their spread into the realm, and before long the two began to hate one another. Unfortunately humans had a great war with the Yokai of the lands in the year 200, and while they were originally outnumbered three to one their numbers didn’t dwindle nearly as much as the Yokai‘s numbers did from an eventual two century long war of attrition. Due to the human’s fast reproduction cycle, and the leadership of Zouo Nabunaga the humans became victors of the Great Yokai Wars. Even though the humans were still vastly outnumbered by the Yokai they still greatly prospered, and it was still a great mystery about how Zouo Nabunaga managed to suppress everyone of them with such ease. Fortunately for one Yokairace, the Gnomes, they refused to take part in this war. So with a human victory the other Yokai of the lands kicked the Gnomes out of every hiding place that they had made for themselves. The Gnomes were accepted into the human community since they appeared to be the only beings on the isles that weren’t hostile toward humans at that point.

During the year 800 a grand sight was beheld by several farmers, and a local Daimyo of the area. A red and golden massive snakelike beast was seen snacking on a horse. The daimyo was so caught up in the majesty of such a beast that he then declared to it that he would do everything in his power to make it the Emperor of the Mizari Islands. The beast appeared to have mild interest, but that quickly faded, and it left the men who starred in awe of the amazing creature. True to his word the Daimyo did everything in his power, and with all of those that were present claiming the beast wasn’t just some dream the humans declared that the Emperor of the Mizari Islands was the great dragon that they simply named Emperor. Unfortunately even with news and celebration rising up throughout the islands the dragon was only spotted once every several decades, and never seemed to care about its grand position.

After seven centuries of peace the humans were finally thrust into war once more in the year 1100. This wasn’t because of outside invaders, or even Yokai seeking to once again rise to the top. In fact the war occurred between the various human clans within the isles. This was due to a massively rising population now in the six digits for the humans. The five major clans ran out of room to spread their boarders and eventually began to dispute who had rule of what. This escalated to such a level that they finally declared war on one another beginning the Shokugawa Wars. This war lasted ninety years before finally exiling the once exalted Zouo Clan to forever sail Eastward so that they don’t even get the grace of revealing the Mizari Islands’ location to whomever may be living in the old human lands now (they knew that the death lord had been taken care of, but they have very little clue as to what is outside of their own realm). The two remaining clans were bonded together through a marriage. The married couple were given the clan name “Hidari” and were given the responsibilty of ruling over all of the Mizari Islands. The head of the household was named “Shogun” and would take control of the land with the only person in the entire world that they were to bow to was the Emperor.

Currently the humans have a massive war that they started up after another five-hundred and sixty years of peace. This war is known as the Hidari Wars, and is currently due to the Hidari clan Shogun failing to name a successor, and creating conflict between his three sons. All of which became the head of their own clans and warred for control of the Mizari Isles until their death. Now their children have taken the responsibility of winning the war for their fathers. These clans (aside from the Hidari) are the Okami, and Yami.

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Constantly renown for their ability to conquer humans make up the main factions of the Mizari Islands.


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