The Jishin clan is in central Shoshikaru between the Mangetsu clan, and the Kasei clan. Currently the Jishin clan has an agreement with the Kenja rebels that they won’t obliterate the Kenja so long as they siege the Kasei so that the Jishin can keep up the assault on Mangetsu lands.

The Jishin are masters of the No-Dachi, or the katana version of a great sword. They have had a great amount of practice charging down large mountainsides on their foes, and are easily one of the most unshakable forces within the Mizari Islands. Unfortunately that title has been put to the test as the Mangetsu clan, and the Kasei clan have both been treacherous enough to do business with the Yabanjin Trade and have even gotten firearms to counter what would have been their inevitable end.

The leader of the Jishin is Jishin Komamura. Komamura is renown for the use of large weapons, and was said to be the one who taught Okami Muramasa how to fight with a large blade. Muramasa has long since surpassed Komamura, but they both remain good friends. With that being said the Jishin clan is in full support of the Okami clan which is one of the main reasons why the war they’re in now began. The Mangetsu, and the Kasei both believe that the Okami should not rule over the Mizari Islands. The war in Shoshikaru is just as red hot as it is in Zobutara, and with such a heated conflict will the Jishin survive against guns?

Nodachi 1 Such a massive blade on the No-Dachi is often times difficult to use, but Jishin Samurai make it look like child’s play.


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