Twenty years ago in Northern Shoshikaru a great number of Monks, Ronin(wandering Samurai), Peasants, Yokai, and many more began to have meetings. These meetings were based on the promise of equality. To make a government for the Mizari Islands where everyone is equal regardless of race, status, occupation, or location. It wasn’t until two years ago that these dreams began to take foot in physical form as this rebellion began in full force. They took over the last province of the Mataku clan, and with that they managed to fend off assaults from every other clans that bordered them.

Until recently they haven’t been much of a clan. They were approached by a messenger from the Jishin clan who promised that the Jishin wouldn’t swarm their lands, and force them to submit with the full might of the Jishin military. The only catch was that the Kenja Rebels had to assault the Kasei clan. So long as they could send wave after wave of men in, and harass the Kasei then they would have a much more powerful alliance with the Jishin clan. Quickly the Kenja agreed, and ever since have been harassing the Kasei armies, and even trying the strength of their boarders.

The Kenja rebellion has no leader, but is instead ran by a council. It takes much longer to do things this way, and often times there are great disputes of power within the castle walls where they conduct their meetings. Many times chaos has erupted in the middle of one of their meetings, but so far the Kenja Rebellion hasn’t fallen into absolute anarchy.

Toad warrior by iancjw d3jd03l While chaotic, and unstable the Kenja Rebels benefit from one group of warriors that no other clan has the ability to tap into: Yokai.


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