Kirinai is the Land of Flowers. While it is named this there are actually not to many flowers that grow in this land that are different from any other land. It has only been called the Land of Flowers because of its larger abundance of them. More often though one would come across a great many fields rather than a patch of Sakura trees. It is one of the southern most islands of the Mizari Islands, and often enjoys a longer spring, and summer season. Winter still comes here, but snow only lasts for around one month before it begins melting away.

Kirinai Island has endured a problem that no other major island in the Mizari Islands has had to endure. Before the Hidari Wars erupted Kirinai was actually seen as an entirely different country than the other islands. Its lords were the Oukan clan, and they had absolute rule over everything that had happened in the island. This was due to a small skirmish that occurred some two-hundred years previous when a group of rebels in the island began to claim that the Shogun was not needed. The current Shogun’s brother grew angered by these remarks and headed off into war against this rebellion. Th war only took six months, but was fairly heated. After several good battles the Shogun’s brother had conquered the land, and the Shogun at the time declared that his brother was as worthy of a Shogun as he was, and with this he named his brother the Shogun of Kirinai Island. The Shogun had also given his brother the name Oukan, and wished his country many fortunes.

Unfortunately when the Hidari Wars broke out Kirinai was not spared even though its people had nothing to do with the other islands since they still had a Shogun. Unfortunately this led to several rebellions spurring up, and before they knew it the Oukan had joined the war on the side of the Hidari clan.

Cherry blossoms at night by kuroyoake Renown for being one of the greatest places in the Mizari Islands to see the Sakura trees blossom in the springtime Kirinai often attracts a great many visitors for this occasion.


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