Playable Classes

For my game I’m allowing almost anything to be played.

If you choose to play as a fighter, rogue, ranger, or barbarian then you will probably be considered an Ashigaru (peasant warrior), or a mountain bandit.

Playing as a Samurai is the easiest to work in since there are plenty of Samurai in the local area.

If you want to play as a Cavalier do me a favor and just pick Samurai since Samurai is essentially an archetype of Cavalier.

If you play as a cleric then find the page on the wiki that will link you to the selected Gods that I am allowing you to play as. Also there is NO Paladin in this game. Not only would Paladin not make much sense, but I have found that they are one of the most unbalanced classes in Pathfinder. Oracle is acceptable, but again you need to use my pantheon unless you can come up with a good back story as to why a God would have interest in an island chain that doesn’t worship them.

Sorcerer and Wizard are both acceptable, but prepare to have plenty of people be mystified since there is only a small number of people in our world who can even use magic, and most of the time they don’t. So spell casters are pretty rare in our game, and it would be odd for a person to see someone with control of any type of magic especially arcane magic.

Witch is fine, but you would have probably lived in the forests with Yokai so please have that in a back story. The same thing goes for Druids!

Ninja is acceptable since the Mizari Islands are essentially the Japan of this world so Ninja would actually exist.

Gunslinger is fine, but you are using the extremely old matchlock guns, and don’t expect me to up the technology since it wouldn’t be true to the storyline I have for the trade agreements to the Muilnin Empire.

Magus is rather iffy since it can become overpowered with fairly little effort. I’ll allow it, but NO blade bound archetype. If you become overpowered later on then don’t complain when your character has a stroke and dies.

Bard is fine, but if you really want to play a Bard that will mean I have to research the type of instruments they played in Japan during the Sengoku Jidai.

Monk is obviously accepted since this is an Asian themed Pathfinder game.

Summoner is fine, but I have little experience with DMing Summoner, and have heard unsettling things about Summoner balance… in the case that you become as overpowered as I heard prepare to join the Magus in having a stroke.

Archetypes are allowed aside from the ones I banned above, but please have a story written out that makes your character have a coherent reason for selecting that path of mastery. With that being said I look forward to seeing some relatively interesting characters, but I’m hoping with the ideas I have heard so far that there isn’t as much party drama as I’m expecting. XD

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Playable Classes

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