Shokugawa Wars

The Shokugawa Wars started for a vary silly reason. It began originally as a squabble between the Zouo clan, and the Uma clan on who owned Choshiro Island at the time. The two clans began sending their samurai onto the island and conflicts began to erupt between their men. Rather than dealing with the men who were at fault the two clans declared war on one another. It didn’t take long before warships could be seen landing on beachheads belonging to the Uma clan in Northern Zobutara, and taking what is now Okami lands.

This really bothered the Mizu clan who owned the Southern half of Zobutara, and it went out to seek aid from all of the other major clans of the land, but failed miserably to find anyone who would help them destroy the now power hungry Zouo clan. Before too long there were several wars between the other factions of the land, the Shokugawa clan, the Nami Clan, and the infamous Battousai clan. The fighting between these three clans began for similar reasons, and after seeing that the Zouo clan could apparently get away with taking others’ lands they all began to besiege one another and go after power. It was the Shokugawa clan who managed to take power through forty years of fighting the other two clans before it reigned supreme in the southern half of the Mizari Islands.

The Mizu clan had begun battling the Zouo clan, but was losing quite badly. Before the Zouo clan had taken all of Zobutara making it the owner of three major islands in the Mizari Islands the Shokugawa clan landed their armies on Zobutara. From a make shift alliance the two clans managed from a total of thirty years of non stop fighting to actually defeat the Zouo clan. Though tens of thousands died in the various conflicts these two powerful clans remained. They discussed time and time again who owned what lands, and could not come to an agreement. It was finally decided that war was almost inevitable before a proposal came up. The proposal was that the two clans offered their youngest children for marriage, and with the marriage control of the two clans would be given to the married partners.

Upon this being decided the man was to be named Emperor of the Mizari Islands, but mysteriously an ill omen came of this choice. The emperor of old was seen flying in many northern regions of Zobutara, and eventually the dragon’s strange behavior was attributed to the fact that it still believed it was the emperor even though it never grasped its power. With this in mind they instead named the head of the new Hidari family [Hidari]] Mardara the first “Shogun” of the Mizari Islands. With this title they bestowed great power on him, and the Shokugawa clan’s young daughter who was now named Hidari Aki was believed to have enough power to sway her husband into helping all instead of just his previous Mizu clan. Thus the Shokugawa Wars ended, and the remainder of the Zouo clan were forever banished from the Mizari Islands. Their fate is still unknown, but what is known is that they were forced to sail eastward to the fast, and seemingly unending sea so that whatever remained in the old human lands wouldn’t be offended by the banished being forced to live in their lands.

Dragon year by meoon d4l1tbu In the end the Emperor of the Mizari Islands still kept his power, but a new ruler had emerged.

Shokugawa Wars

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