The Tora clan is commonly known for being religious zealots. Often times they can be seen using their greatest weapon, warrior monks, in great battles. They use their pious populace to their advantage stirring up them up by promising that with enough work even the lowliest of peasants can have a place in nobility. As for the three royal clans the Tora has preference that the Hidari clan will win. Unfortunately for the Tora they are currently at war with the Okami clan, and the Hidari refuses to send aid and wage full scale warfare against the Okami clan since they are busy defending their borders to the South from the Hara clan.

The current leader of the Tora clan is Tora Kenshin. Kenshin is a renown samurai who’s father had served the previous Shogun without pause. Unfortunately when the struggle broke out the Tora clan was unable to led immediate assistance, and struggled to keep their boarders. Many clans fell to the Okami clan to the west, and before long the Tora clan shared boarders with the Okami clan. Kenshin’s father died fighting the Okami clan when they first gained control to the south, unfortunately Kenshin’s father had failed and was slain in the midst of an intense battle. The Tora clan eventually started losing a lot of ground to the Okami clan and have since then been pushed all the way back to their outlying boarders to the Northeast.

Tora Kenshin remains hopeful that his new alliance with the Yama clan will be enough to stymie off the advancing boarders of the Okami clan.

Bushido   warrior monk by dinmoney d4ygw3j Many warrior monks are within the ranks of Tora’s military.


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