Yabanjin Trade

The trade with the outsiders has always been difficult since there are few outside of the Mizari Islands that know that they exist, and fewer that know that there is a safe way to get there. A current that flows South runs between the Mizari Islands and the Imperial Lands. This current makes trade especially difficult since often times ships are swept thousands of miles by this current before their captains and crews can regain control over which direction the ship flows. Often times they are put far South of the islands, even as far as the Kashiri Jungle Islands, and cannot sail North once more for fear of hitting the current once more.

The Southern current means that it is only within the power of the Muilnin Empire to trade with the Mizari Islands. It has been the great end of many Muilnin traders to attempt to travel to the Mizari Islands. Many deaths occur due to the current taking the ships down to Lanian Empire lands, or worse the Kashiri Jungle Isles. Not being able to set up port without relinquishing goods to the Lanian Empire is the problem Muilnin traders face once this happens since they need to move around the continent at this point. If the Southern current doesn’t sweep away Muilnin trading ships then they are able to trade with the Mizari Islands (usually they don’t make the trek down to more Southern Islands so they just trade with those who inhabit Shoshikaru.

The journey back for Muilnin traders is difficult too, but those who understand it often have little difficulty returning home. The current flows South quite rapidly, but for those who make it to the Mizari Islands there is a path to the East that flows out unhindered for several hundred miles. Once a sailor takes this path then he must make sure he has about two months worth of supplies for the remainder of the trip. From there the vessels need to turn North as soon as a Northern breeze picks up. This will carry them far more North, and they’ll completely avoid the Southern current. It takes a total of four months for a Muilnin trader to leave port of the Muilnin Empire travel to the Mizari Islands, and sell their goods, then finally avoid the Southern current to make their way back home.

16.nanban byoubu ship 46 The trade ships that the Yabanjin traders come in on are often a dark, and intimidating color, but their cannons keep any sailors for thinking of attacking such a magnificent vessel.

Yabanjin Trade

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