Named after the darkness this clan dwells in the Yami clan is one of the three clans descended from the last true Shogun. The original head of the household was Yami Hanzo (originally Hidari Hanzo). He cast the former name of Hidari off to show he wasn’t going to be part of a clan he was not a part of. He was the youngest of the three Hidari brothers, but that did not give him any disadvantage. Unfortunately for all of his adversaries he was a master of Ninjutsu, and has carried out a variety of missions from destroying castles to assassinating great generals.

Hanzo unfortunately passed in the battle of Okanogi roughly ten years ago. A great tragedy to fall on the clan was that he had no son to name heir of his position. Luckily for the sake of his clan he believed his death was coming soon, and for safety reasons named his only daughter, Yami Hinata, heir to his seat. While she was a mere eight years old when he passed she still obtained the rank of Daimyo of her clan. Fortunately for her the clan’s adviser, Shinaga Choshiro, was there to run the clan until she was of age to lead the clan. It was only a year ago that she took over the clan, and the loyal Shinaga Choshiro was commended for his loyalty.

Unfortunately with Hinata’s climb to Daimyo came many betrayals. As part of her training it was her who was given the assignments to assassinate every rebel leader. With her gaining several kills she also gained great respect with her clan, and made it clear that she was going to continue her father’s legacy as a master of Ninjutsu. It was only until Shinaga Choshiro opposed her that she believed the Yami clan was going to rise to the top. With Choshiro’s betrayal only after giving her all of the assignments to assassinate all of the rebel leaders he had shown that he only gave her those missions to be killed so he could become head of the clan. After a battle in the center of Castle Manamura in the Manamurakata province between the two opposing rulers Yami Hinata finally came out as victor in a death match. She claimed dominance, and no one else within the clan ever opposed a woman’s rule again.

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Current leader of the Yami clan lady Hinata.


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