“Yokai” is the name Humans gave to all of the other sentient beings of the Mizari Islands. These races have had grand conflicts with the Humans, and at one point it seemed they would be able to drive the humans out of the isles, but the fast human reproductive cycle, and their quick life spans made it a harsh reality that they would be able to withstand many loses before their numbers decreased. Eventually the lack of Yokai coordination on the battlefield, and their heavy losses took enough of a toll on them in the Yokai Wars to where they would finally lose to the great human commander Zouo Nabunaga.

Originally the various races of the Mizari Islands arrived as refuges from the ever spreading horrors of necromancy. There are very few races that are actually native to the islands, but with a fairly friendly ecosystem many easily adapted to life on the islands. There was a massive area of land on all of the major islands that every race could move to, and have their individual area. Unfortunately with the Great Yokai Wars they were mixed, and jumbled in with one another. Eventually with their defeat they settled in as a melting pot. Normally this would be a good thing, but most of the time they had very limited options in terms of partners. So as a result since the Great Yokai Wars many populations of Yokai have dwindled, and there have been plenty of races that went extinct on the isles.

The Gnomes at one point in time were also named Yokai. It was when they decided not to partake in the Great Yokai Wars that they were forced out of the forests they loved so dear and forced to beg the humans for residency. Surprisingly to everyone the humans actually took them in. The Gnomes have very little discrimination compared to what they were originally anticipating, but it still exists. They are unable to become Samurai, and unless they become a grand adviser (which is difficult because not only does one have to be a genius to do so, but they also have to get past discrimination) then they aren’t allowed into the military. In short Gnomes are mostly looked at as peasants without any chance of even becoming militia or levies for the wars that affect them too.

It was around the year 1200 that Yokai began moving away from forests. While the forests that they fled, and hid in are still their preferable living space they also now have moved into the slums of human lands. Often times seen as petty criminals regardless of what they have done in the past they are despised, but no hostile action has been taken upon them. While they believe that their life has very little meaning behind it they may yet prove to be strong allies to the humans, and even mend old hatreds…

Yokai by ohmhaigosh d4kh0ts Yokai take all sorts of strange shapes and sizes, but no one really knows how many different types there are.


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