Yokai Wars

One and a half thousand years ago Yokai weren’t just the strange beings that lived in the woods. They were instead known as residents of the Mizari Islands just like the Humans. Unfortunately around the year 200 there arose a great conflict that would last centuries. The conflict came on unexpectedly, but swiftly. When the humans first landed on the Mizari Islands they were avoided mostly since many beings of the Mizari Islands believed them to be just another race of vagabonds who came to the isles to escape from slavery, and oppression. While this was the case Humans were far from another ordinary race that just landed on the Mizari Islands.

Once the humans had settled on every major island within the Mizari Islands the other residents took notice. The main reason was that normally residents would stick to one island in particular. While some races did pan out to all the other islands it usually wasn’t this short of a time period for them to claim every island as living ground. The fact that they hadn’t even been on the islands for three centuries bothered many residents. Eventually certain clans of the differentiated races began raiding human villages.

Originally the Humans began to fear the other races of the land. Believing that they were savage, and rabid due to their hostile nature on otherwise harmless peasants, and settlers. For this reason some bands of humans rose up weapons and began to hunt those who were responsible for the deaths of their fallen kindred. With this retaliation it unsettled many of the other races. Soon the other races began seeing the Humans as war crazed, and in desperate need of population control. It didn’t take long before full scale warfare broke out. Many skirmishes occurred, but both sides were relatively unorganized.

The only race who refused to participate in these wars were the Gnomes. The Gnomes believed that the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding, and wanted harmony between everyone. For this reason many of the other races began to scorn the Gnomes, and believed that they were secretly working for the Humans it didn’t take long before the Gnomes were also acted upon with hostility, but they never retaliated like the Humans.

After decades of warfare finally a man was born whom had been given the knowledge on how to organize the humans and band together all of the various clans whether they be peasant, or nobility. This man was Zouo Nobunaga. Nobunaga had a very harsh childhood filled with severe beatings from his father, and an uncaring mother. Eventually when his father had died he declared himself the head of the household even though that position was not willed to him. One by one he slew many members of his family including close siblings, and destroyed internal conflicts. While it took him a great deal of effort, and sacrifice to secure a position to lead he had finally achieved it.

It didn’t take long before emissaries were sent out to a vast number of clans within the Mizari Islands. After nearly ten years of negotiations Nobunaga had finally rallied together a great sum of soldiers from various lands. It didn’t take long before these great armies were sent in to wipe out many divided clans of Yokai. While the death toll grew and grew over the years one fact served greatly in the Humans ’ favor. That was the birthrate for humans. The other races didn’t reproduce nearly as often as Humans and for this reason over a century of fighting now had lead the populations of Humans and Yokai to become much more equalized.

Through a great number of victories finally the Yokai banded together with a great many races in order to beat back the brunt of the Human army. Unfortunately this only came in handy to draw out the war that had already been going on for centuries. Nobunaga was now facing a standstill. At the decisive battle of Shi Forest the Human army prevailed in an extremely costly victory. Tens of thousands had died in one single battle, but one of the men that remained on the battlefield who was covered in blood was Zouo Nobunaga. A great statue was placed in Shi Forest in his honor, but unfortunately these days the forest is devoid of life, and many only go their to commit suicide to regain lost honor. With this being said Nobunaga’s statue is considered a lonely one.

With the battle of Shi Forest done with many Yokai fled to the various forests of the islands, but some continued to fight for several more decades, but they put up little resistance to the humans. Some forty years after this great battle the war was finally finished when the last of the resistance put up a final stand on the shores of lake Mizukami, the largest lake within the Mizari Islands. Nabunaga had long since been slain by one of his own children who had grown power hungry. This final battle had effectively ended The Great Yokai Wars, but tails of Nobunaga’s exploits would be told for thousands of years to come.

While his son hadn’t the strength to kill him on his own his son burned the shrine he was visiting to the ground with him in it. There have been many famous poems written on the conversation that took place as Nobunaga had a final chat with his son with several spectating the event. The law at the time deemed his son successor, and family affairs weren’t punishable from outside sources so his son remained to control the Zouo clan for many more decades.

The Yokai were forced to live in hiding from the humans for centuries after this. After which they still avoid humans, and scorn their ancestors for failing to take control of the various lands that they are now seen as nothing more than peasants in. Though it wasn’t until the Shokugawa Wars that Yokai were freely able to live in Human land, but even now many don’t trust them, and they aren’t given nearly as many rights as the Humans they’re now forced to live with.

The yokai forest by starshinedaydream d4lzy46 Many small stone houses can be seen within the forests of the Mizari Islands. These were made as tribute for the fallen Yokai from these wars. It is now believed that small spirits of the long dead from this war reside within these small structures.

Yokai Wars

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