Also known as the Land of Lords Zobutara is the largest island in the Mizari Islands. There is no capitol of the Mizari Islands, but the closest is the city of Mabutara since that was where the wedding occurred that made the Hidari clan. Currently the Hidari clan is in control of it, and it borders the largest lake of the isles, Mizukami. To the north is the Okami regions. The Okami regions are vast, and mountainous. The dire wolves that live in the area are usually bred to be obedient to one rider in specific. To the south lies several smaller mountain ranges, but mostly just farm, and forest land. Many of the coastlines to the west are rocky and dangerous which puts travelers, and merchants away from trading with the local areas. The East is filled with plenty of rocky regions as well for coastlines, but it is a bit more hospitable.

Places of Interest in Zobutara

Shi Forest
Lake Mizukami
Kanon Mountains

Old stuffs 2 by jotaidiota A small farming village within Zobutara. While it is the land of lords there are still many more commoners than lords.


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