The Ayame are a fairly decent sized clan within the Mizari Islands. The size of this clan rivals that of some of the Zobutara clans, but unfortunately for the Hidari, and Okami this clan has thrown its allegiance to the Yami clan. As well as this clan there is also its vassal the Mahou clan which has declared that they have the same allegiance. With this being said there are still many more factions supporting both the Okami clan, and the Hidari clan so this simply levels the playing field a little.

The Ayame clan started off as a rebellion within the Island of Kirinai. After nearly forty years it has grown to own a little over half of the island with their vassals the Mahou clan. The Ayame clan specializes in the use of the longbow, and has shown that they have some of the greatest marksmen in the entirety of the Mizari Islands.

The current leader of the Ayame clan is their daimyo Ayame Takeshi. Takeshi believes that the Yami clan should be leaders since his father was great friends with Yami Hanzo before his unfortunate passing. Even though Takeshi is uncertain of a female Shogun his father’s friendship has made him an insatiable loyalist of the Yami clan. With this said he will follow Yami Hinata to the death if it meant she would become Shogun.

Yumi samurai in training Some may see the Yumi (bow) as a cowardly way to fight, but its deadly accuracy cannot be argued with.


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