History of The Mizari Islands

The Mizari Islands were found thousands of years ago. Not by Humans originally, but by Gnomes. Gnomes were very curious about what might be off of the coast of what is now the Muilnin Empire. When their primitive vessels would sail out originally they would be swept thousands of miles to never be heard from again. This was due to the Southern flowing current that is just off the Eastern coast of what is now the Muilnin Empire, and the Lanian Empire. Eventually though Gnomes managed to find the group of Islands.

When they first arrived the vast majority of the land was untouched wilderness. There were some very primitive races there that had tribal, nomadic lives. Gnomes, known for their curiosity, decided to befriend the natives. A great many of these natives grew curious and decided to see for themselves what the continents to the West had in store for them. They used primitive vessels crafted upon the blue prints of the Gnome boats, and sailed West. Some of them made it, and others were swept by the Southern flowing current.

As time went on Gnome culture influenced every other race. Eventually they made primitive shrines that worshiped some of the Gnome Gods, and believed that the magic that Gnomes wielded may be used by some of their own. Soon magic reigned from all of the other races, but their spells hadn’t developed into anything significant just mostly prestidigitation like spells. As time went on they mastered more, and more powerful spells, but that took hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years before they had enough magical aptitude for it. The same generally went for Humans, though they took a little longer to develop these spells.

At around the year -120 something happened that would tear the peaceful lands apart. The once primal humans from thousands of years back had managed to make ships that sailed to the Mizari Islands. While the Humans didn’t stay they seemed to be mapping down the location of these islands. Since they didn’t bother anyone it wasn’t a problem for most. Eventually Humans were spotted every now and then coming, and going. Simple explorers expecting to find something amazing, but generally being let down when they went further inland.

Eventually around the year -75 a great number of Human ships were spotted sailing South from the Northern portion of what is now the Muilnin Empire. They were fleeing from an extremely powerful necromancer that had taken the entirety of the Human lands, and was greatly oppressing them. Seeking refuge the Humans fled to the barely charted Mizari Islands. At first they were a strange sight, but as time went on they spread throughout Shoshikaru, the Northernmost Island of the Mizari Islands.

Around fifty years after their original landing on the Mizari Islands they began to migrate to Zobutara, and Choshiro. It was here that they befriended the Gnomes, and learned much of their culture. While Humans seemed to naturally be racist, and only prefer to cooperate with those of their own race they eventually warmed up to a few of the other races. As time went on they learned all they needed to from the Gnomes to begin learning more advanced spell casting. This surprised the Gnomes since Humans could not only now make boats, and sail across a bit of the ocean, but they also had a decent level of magical prowess.

Eventually Humans began talk of how the death lord was going to eventually find the islands, and that it would be their newly enhanced magical abilities that would save them from this death lord. This greatly scared many of the other races to think that something that could conquer all of the lands that Gnomes had previously spoken about may seek further conquest in these Islands. Unfortunately for all who learned much of magic they were eventually ridiculed for not fighting with honor, and it was seen as dishonorable to use a power that had been gifted as a birthright in combat rather than physical power that a great many have. There were still many magic users within the Mizari Islands, but many who had the gift refused it due to these statements.

Humans seemed a little weary of the other races though, and eventually gave them the name “Yokai” which was old tongue for Weird. From there these beings constantly believed that the Humans had labeled them with prejudice. This was only the beginning of the problems between Humans, and Yokai. In the coming years many of the other races, now called Yokai began to bicker with the Humans ’ expansions to every other major Island of the Mizari Islands.

These squabbles quickly turned hostile, and Humans finally began to simply ignore the other races. At first it was accepted that there could be a race that no other race had anything to do with, but eventually some of the more daring races decided to raid human settlements claiming that they were encroaching upon the lands, and that Humans should stick to their own areas instead of constantly seeking to settle on the land of others.

At this time the Humans had gathered raiding parties and retaliated thus causing the Great Yokai Wars to begin. Unfortunately this war took two centuries to settle, and it was due to the heroism of the great Zouo Nobunaga that Humans managed to win the war. This effectively banished all of the other races, save the Gnomes who were pacifists during the war, into the various forests of the Mizari Islands. Likewise all Gnomes were banished from Yokai lands since they failed to help out in the wars. Thankfully for the Gnomes they were accepted into Human society.

Unbeknownst to almost all who lived on the Mizari Islands it was at this time that another major event occurred. Back on the mainland the Gnomes who still resided in the area that had just around then become the Muilnin Empire began calling the Mizari Islands the “Dragon Islands” since they moved into the Mizari Islands to drop off a present that they believed would end the war quickly. This present was an enormous golden egg.

Many years later the contents of the egg were found at around the year 700 as a group had stumbled upon a large mystical beast that had been feasting upon one of the horses of the region. Instead of looking in disgust at how a massive beast was eating a full sized war horse, they were instead looking in aw at such a majestic creature. This creature was a large golden Imperial Dragon. From there one of the men, who was currently daimyo of a small clan in the Mizari Islands, named the beast “Emperor” and it’s from there that the legend of the “Emperor” began. Unfortunately for the residents of the Mizari Islands the “Emperor” did not care for ruling over a country, and never officially took up the mantle.

From that point the Emperor has been spotted many times, but has never made contact with people. While it has never bothered anyone that the Emperor doesn’t wish to rule the country it does make some wonder why he always seems to appear within the Islands every several decades. Somme believe it’s because his favorite hunting spot is within the Mizari Islands, and others claim it’s because he doesn’t know that a larger world exists past the ocean.

Several centuries of nothing more than minor occurrences later, and Humans begin to see their boarders are being claimed by other Humans at this point the varying clans begin to bicker, and squabble over land. Unfortunately this turned into a the large Shokugawa Wars that ended with the once highly renown Zouo clan being banished to forever sail East so that whatever now occupied the “Old Lands” would not find the Mizari Islands. As well there was now a monarch of the Islands that had been established by a marriage between the two remaining clans. This monarch was named “Shogun” and was given power so that there would never be fights over land again.

Unfortunately only two centuries later the Islands were found by what was now living there. Luckily it was a mixture of Dwarves, and Humans who claimed they were from the Muilnin Empire, and that they wished to conduct trade with the residents of the islands. At first there wasn’t anything spectacular aside from foreign goods, but eventually the Muilnin Empire saw fit to finally introduce a new trade good to the Mizari Islands, guns. Gunpowder has been widely sought out by many clans in the Mizari Islands. Unfortunately it is mainly only the Northernmost clans that have access to these weapons. These guns are often seen much like magic in the sense that they are a dishonorable method of warfare that requires little skill to use, but that has done little to stop these weapons from being widely distributed.

As of 1748 the current Shogun: Hidari Nabuhide failed to name a successor amongst his three sons: Ieysu, Shingen, and Hanzo. Ieysu being the youngest was named Shogun, but this unfortunately did not stop conflict between the three brothers. The two remaining brothers began arguing that Nabuhide would have wanted one of them to rule more than Ieysu. Eventually this wound up becoming a great argument that had many renown clans begin to send messages to the three sons as of what side they had chosen. Unfortunately Ieysu wasn’t willing to give up the title of Shogun for a fair trial from a court of varying daimyo, and as a result war broke out between the three brothers.

This was named the Hidari Wars, and has been going on for the last forty years. Many great daimyo including all three of the brothers have perished, but the war still rages on. Who will be the victor? That has yet to be decided…

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History of The Mizari Islands

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