The Kizaku clan have a reputation for being “The Life of The Party” as it were. Their knowledge of diplomacy makes them a force to fear amongst the various wars throughout the Mizari Islands. The reason is if they can rally several of these varying factions together then they would become the strongest clan in the Mizari Islands in no time. They have already won over three other clans to work underneath them, and have expanded their boarders from the northern tip of Tinimaru to nearly engulf the entire island. The main problem being the Umi clan.

The Umi clan have a foot hold in southern Tinimaru, and their mastery of navel fleets has made it impossible for the Kizaku clan to get messengers to other islands so that they may take over more of the Mizari Islands. They have declared war on the Umi clan, but so far haven’t gotten anywhere. They aren’t as good at warfare as they are at diplomatic meetings so they haven’t advanced too far in Umi lands, and the Umi are more focused on their conquest in the island of Aromari to give much heed to the Kizaku clan. With that being said Tinimaru is the least affected major island of the Mizari Islands from the war.

The leader of the Kizaku clan is Kizaku Tamaki. Tamaki hasn’t left the capitol of the various Kizaku lands of Tinimaru for years. His paranoia has given him quite a bad reputation along with his obtuse figure. Tamaki has never lead his men into battle, but simply given the order for other generals in his command to go do so. Many other Daimyo claim that he is cowardly, and has no honor, but his true strength lies with a cup of tea during diplomatic meetings. He believes that he should become the Shogun since having the various brutes of the land would only further internal warfare fever.

Samurai by pigeon kill Sometimes it is best not to use the blade when conducting warfare. Sometimes it is best to talk your way out. Cowardly? There is no dishonor in victory!


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