Magic in The Mizari Islands

The Mizari Islands have not been affected by the various bans humans have put on magic in a desperate attempt to destroy necromancy. This is because humans fled before the Death Lord was defeated at the turn of recorded time. Instead the Humans of the Mizari Islands were neck deep in traversing the various new surroundings that they had exiled themselves to. They were learning new, and much more powerful spells from the Yokai, or more specifically the Gnomes. They believed that it was through magic that the Death Lord could be dealt with if he ever came to the Mizari Islands. Fortunately for them he never got around to traveling to these Isles.

Through Gnome culture the things that made a Human different from the other various races slowly shifted and melded. Magic was never seen as a thing of evil, but as Humans were effected by Gnome culture to change the styles of their lives they were also changed by a sense that only one in a hundred could even have the potential to use magic. For this reason many Humans began seeing magic as a crutch, and believed that finding power within themselves would be much more valuable. For this reason they began to master Bushido, the way of the warrior.

For many decades this pursuit of physical strength slowly shifted into a mastery of form rather than physical power. It didn’t take long before the various magic users of the land were told that their ways were dishonorable, and magic was shunned by many with the ability to use it. In very few locations was magic still widely practiced. While there is no ban in magic in the Mizari Islands there is an unspoken truth that magic is often seen as a cowards way of fighting. It’s only when one can put down the gifts they were given at birth, and be humble enough to use the strength that every man has that you have true power, and respect in the Mizari Islands.

Sorceress Looking into the eyes of someone with true mastery of magic is like looking into a vortex of unbeknownst power. While dishonorable many still practice magic.

Magic in The Mizari Islands

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