Proud supporters of the Hidari clan the Oukan clan is said to have originated from one of the previous Shogun’s brothers. During a minor past civil war in Kirinai that brother decided to quell the uprising so that his brother did not have to worry. Luckily everything went as expected and it took a mere six months before the entire rebellion had fell at his feet. With this the Shogun declared that his family name be changed to Oukan, and he was to be his own Shogun for Kirinai Island, and rule over that land just as the Shogun ruled over the remainder of the Mizari Islands. Gleefully the brother took his position and happily ruled the land for the remainder of his life.

Unfortunately for the Oukan clan when the Hidari Wars broke out it swept into their land too. Several other large clans within Kirinai Island felt so strongly about what should have now been considered another country that they began to fight each other over something so silly. Unfortunately small squabbles turned lethal after a few battles, and skirmishes the Oukan decided to step in stating that it was the Hidari that will rule over the other Islands just as it was their duty to rule over Kirinai, unfortunately that didn’t take well to the other clans and they began to rebel. Now the Oukan have had the majority of their land stripped from them, and continue to lose ground to the ever growing Ayame clan, and Mahou clan.

The Oukan clan’s strength used to lie in their magical prowess since in the Island of Kirinai it is rarely considered dishonorable to use magic in combat. Unfortunately that was on the Easternmost part of Kirinai, and the majority of the mages quickly joined the Mahou clan. Now the Oukan clan’s strength is merely their devotion to having their own separate nation. Without their victory their nation will be shattered, and be forced to become a part of the Mizari Islands once more.

The Oukan clan leader is their Daimyo Oukan Hibiki. Hibiki curses the stars almost every night since his kingdom keeps getting weaker and weaker due to the Yami clan supporters: The Ayame clan, and their vassals the Mahou clan. Together the two clans are nearly unstoppable.

Samurai 2 While a great number of Mages joined the Mahou clan there are still several loyalists that remain within the Oukan clan.


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