Found in the Eastern portion of Choshiro Island the Suishou clan is one of two clans that reside there. Known for their excellent use of spears and naginata this clan excels at porcupine maneuvers in warfare to combat oncoming cavalry. They call these formations “Crystal Formation Patterns” rather than porcupine formation. They have made seven different formations depending on how the cavalry is advancing.

Their main opponents on Choshiro Island is the Sora clan. The Suishou and the Sora clans haven’t always been at each others throats. They were actually allies when the Hidari Wars first broke out. Between these two clans they conquered all of Choshiro Island. Unfortunately it was right afterword that the Sora clan leader, Sora Shisui, asked for assistance in conquering the Island of Tinimaru for the Yami clan. Unfortunately that is where these two clans began to clash since the Suishou clan believed that it should be the Hidari clan that should once again become the Shoguns of The Mizari Islands. Ever since these two clans have waged all out warfare on one another. It has been seven years since that incident, and a stalemate has occurred on the island making it more of a war of attrition than a war of blades.

The Suishou’s leader is Suishou Kankuro. Kankuro has had many great battles, but mostly he has just been the strategist for them. Commanding troops from far away is what he excels at. When someone gets close to his command post that wasn’t part of his army then they quickly find that he rigs the area with many traps that have been the death of many hasty Samurai.

Yari samurai by revoltingfriendship d3dsbfv While often times not revered for requiring the greatest of skill to wield the Yari (spear) is always seen as one of the greatest tools in a Samurai’s arsenal.


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