Whereas most clans are bound by one of the major islands of the Mizari Islands the Umi clan is not. The reason why is quite easy to see. They are the masters of navel warfare. Upon the war first breaking out they used their boats to land invasion forces within miles of the main castles of their enemies. It was through this method that they gained quite a large foothold on Tinimaru Island within only a few short years of the Hidari Wars ’ beginning.

Their main problem came after that. The various surrounding provinces all wished that the Hidari clan also be named the next Shogun so there was peace between them. Upon knowing this they decided to land an invasion force on Aromari. Doing so they captured several provinces from the various clans that wished the Yami become the next Shogun. Unfortunately they brought on the wrath of the Hebi clan. The Hebi clan had grown quite powerful since they had no great opposition for the first portions of the war so they conquered what little problems they had faced. Then when the Hebi clan clashed with the Umi clan they managed to break the Umi clan’s lines, and pushed them back to the last bit of land that the Umi land had on Aromari Island.

Just when the Umi thought that their worst situation was to pull out of Aromari Island, and let the Hebi have all of Aromari Island that’s when the provinces around their boarders were conquered by the Kizaku clan. What was worse? They weren’t conquered by force. They were conquered via diplomatic ends. The traitorous scum had lost faith in the Hidari clan, and had sided with Kizaku Tamaki believing he should become the next Shogun. The Umi wasted no time in crushing diplomatic vessels sent into the ocean waters from the Kizaku, and have sent the brunt of their Samuri to Aromari to hold the lines against the Hebi clan. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the Umi clan can win either war since their lines are stretched thin against the Kizaku, but they are still holding strong since the Kizaku lack military skill.

One of the main things to remember about the Umi clan is where its navel power comes from. While many clans attack them on sight the Umi clan negotiates with the various pirates of the Mizari Islands. Many pirate lords have sworn loyalty to this clan and fight under its banner. Going as far as to send pirate raiders on the shorelines of its enemies the Umi clan finds that these are some undeniable allies. Unfortunately pirates are often more vicious than the clan would like them to be which has enhanced the Umi clan’s reputation for being barbaric.

The Umi leader is Umi Shino. Shino has to deal with something that has crushed many other clans in the past: a war on two fronts. Shino’s loyalties are to the Hidari clan, and he believes Kizaku Tamaki is nothing more than a cockroach who is attempting to wiggle his way into power while everyone else is busy with glorious warfare to see who is the greatest leader. The only concern to the clan is how might they survive long enough to see Kizaku Tamaki’s head on a spike.

Bune It is because the Umi clan is the master of navel warfare that they have been able to deter the remaining clans from seeing the Kizaku clan to power.


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